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2014-11-28 Milan ZamazalObsolete server Makefile removed master
2014-11-28 Milan ZamazalMoved from tap to tac
2014-02-05 Milan ZamazalPrivilegeManager no longer present in Firefox
2010-08-24 Milan ZamazalFurther initial focus changes to make it basically...
2010-08-24 Milan ZamazalFocus the first property when choosing an element of...
2010-08-23 Milan ZamazalDon't limit installation on any near maxVersion
2009-07-13 pdmRemove MaxVersion constraint from the client origin
2009-05-06 pdmXUL client: Display correct number of neighbors for...
2009-03-12 pdmXUL client: Basic terms translated to Slovak
2009-03-12 pdmXUL client: Allow reading other than `file' URLs in...
2008-12-19 kosataserver documentation fix
2008-12-19 kosataserver documentation added
2008-12-18 pdmXUL client: Display non-bond relation again, fix neighb...
2008-12-18 kosatanew test data
2008-12-17 kosatanew schemata
2008-12-17 kosatanew test data added, small fix, XML schema added
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