2010-02-13 Tomas CerhaCzech translations updated. master
2010-02-13 Tomas CerhaAdded Slovak translations contributed by Peter Vágner.
2010-02-13 Tomas CerhaChangeLog file removed.
2010-02-13 Tomas CerhaAdded `clean' target and comment extraction to translat...
2010-02-13 Tomas CerhaMinor UI string improvements.
2009-12-10 Tomas CerhaRespect changed `Filter' and `Binding' argument order.
2009-12-10 Tomas CerhaIgnore certain files.
2009-10-22 cerhaDefine bug view layout prevoiusly removed by mistake. origin
2009-09-23 cerhaDisable inserting new comments directly through BugComm...
2009-09-21 cerhaAdded new email header `X-Wiking-BTS-Host'.
2009-09-02 cerhaTranslations updated.
2009-09-02 cerhaPost bug comments directly from the bug page seeing...
2009-09-02 cerhaImproved bug state & priority recognition using styles.
2009-08-10 cerha*** empty log message ***
2009-08-10 cerhaPřeklady aktualizovány.
2009-08-10 cerhaFix user references to allow links and user specific...
2009-08-10 cerhaEdit bug summary in a separate action.
2009-08-07 cerhaDon't fail if comment was not filled on bug insertion.
2009-07-15 cerha*** empty log message ***
2009-07-15 cerhaMake bug title a link to the bug page.
2009-07-15 cerhaRespect changes in Wiking Application API.
2009-04-17 pdm./ChangeLog
2009-04-17 pdmIf project e-mail address is `*', send project e-mails...
2009-02-06 cerhaRespect current protocol in e-mail notification links.
2009-02-06 cerhaSend notification e-mail after new project creation.
2009-02-06 cerhaSend notification e-mail after new project creation.
2009-02-05 cerha* lib/
2009-02-05 cerhaPrevent error when attempting to put bug URI to notific...
2009-02-02 cerhaNew file.
2008-09-26 pdm./ChangeLog
2008-09-26 pdmSyntax error in schema.sql fixed
2008-09-25 cerha*** empty log message ***
2008-09-25 cerhaMinor improvement.
2008-09-25 cerhaStore bug changes in a separate column.
2008-09-25 cerhaFilter bug history by language too.
2008-09-24 cerhaDetermine email notification language from the project...
2008-09-24 cerhaAdded support for BTS projects in different languages.
2008-09-23 cerhaAdded definition of basic filtering conditions.
2008-09-22 cerha*** empty log message ***
2008-09-22 cerhaUse of the `OpenBugs' module tomporarily commented...
2008-09-22 cerhaDon't show the column `state' in Open Bugs.
2008-09-19 cerhaSort bug history by timestamp descendant.
2008-09-19 cerhaAdded separate menu item for Open bugs. Added a view...
2008-09-19 cerhaCosmetic change.
2008-09-19 cerhaInsert the correct sender into bug change automatic...
2008-09-19 cerhaAutomatically add each change description into bug...
2008-09-19 pdm./ChangeLog
2008-09-19 pdmInsert priority information into first e-mail notification
2008-09-19 pdm./ChangeLog
2008-09-19 pdmRemove NOT NULL constraint from _bugs.descr
2008-09-19 cerhaSort bug comments by timestamp.
2008-09-19 cerhaTake the original bug comment from request params directly.
2008-09-19 cerhaUse request message stack for notification email messages.
2008-09-19 cerhaInsert comment into new bug notification email.
2008-09-11 cerhaDefine priorities and states as classes and define...
2008-09-11 cerhaMake priorities alphabetically sortable.
2008-09-11 cerhaFix of previous commit.
2008-09-11 cerhaUse binding forward to get the parent bug record in
2008-09-11 cerha*** empty log message ***
2008-09-10 cerhaRemoved unnecessary hacks (solved by newer Wiking versi...
2008-07-04 cerha(Bugs.send_notification_email): Put message id into...
2008-07-04 cerhaUse `Message-Id' and `In-Reply-To' headers in e-mail...
2008-07-04 cerhaUse `ListLayout' title interpolation to allow links...
2008-07-04 cerhaBug listing column order changed.
2008-06-26 cerhaUse pytis based binding specifications.
2008-06-04 cerhaPass `sender' to `wiking.send_mail()' as optional.
2008-06-04 cerha(Bugs.send_notification_email): `cfg.webmaster_addr...
2008-05-31 pdmCommon method for creating e-mail notification subjects
2008-05-31 pdmDefine bug list sorting
2008-05-29 pdmMake sure mail notifications end with newline
2008-05-28 pdmFix of bug URLs in mail notifications
2008-05-28 pdmInsert bug URL into e-mail notifications
2008-05-28 pdmCzech translation of "fixed" improved
2008-05-28 pdmInsert X-Wiking-BTS-Project header into notification...
2008-05-28 pdmCzech translations improved
2008-05-28 cerhaUse BTS specific stylesheet.
2008-05-28 cerhaMinor improvements.
2008-05-28 cerhaAlso notify changes in the `priority'.
2008-05-28 cerhaTranslate email messages according to config option...
2008-05-28 cerhaSend notifications when comment is added. Display...
2008-05-27 pdmRetrieving codebook values simplified
2008-05-27 pdmUse directly req.user() for determining current user...
2008-05-26 cerhaUse new Wiking's binding specification. Show assigned...
2008-05-26 pdmSupport for bug priorities added
2008-05-26 cerhaTypo fixed.
2008-05-26 cerhaDisplay formatted bug description. Show related bugs...
2008-05-24 pdmInvalid function call in Bugs._redirect_after_insert...
2008-05-21 pdmAllow editing bugs by USERs
2008-05-21 pdmAllow changing project which the bug belongs to
2008-05-21 pdmE-mail notifications added
2008-05-15 cerhaInitial revision